Principals only, no recruiters please. — Acquisitie naar aanleiding van deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld.

WANTED: Junior tester / Developer

We are looking to expand! Are you:

  • highly motivated to start a career in development?
  • prepared to do some precise test work, growing into a more development-oriented role over time?
  • someone with an eye for both code and business user needs?
  • looking forward to be creating software for a living?!

If so, then Summit may very well have a great job for you!

You’ll be testing our .NET apps (mostly web apps), and along the way we’ll make sure you’ll also learn the ropes of software development. This will consist of both functional testing as well as writing automated tests, with the latter as a gateway to more and more development responsibilities.

Skills & Requirements

Must have:

  • Bachelor or higher college degree;
  • Affinity with both technology and users (people! :D);
  • Perseverance to become a software developer;
  • Some skill with programming: college-level programming skills, autodidactic hacking skills, etc.

The more experienced you currently are with programming, the faster you’ll be able to transition to a more development-oriented role.

In addition to the above, affinity with any of the following would be great:

  • Languages: c# (or similar OO language), sql, javascript, css, html;
  • Version control (svn, git, or mercurial);
  • Any kind of shell scripting (we use powershell);
  • And obviously: previous experience with software testing.

We started with required tech skills because that’s probably most interesting to you. However, we also do require the usuals: decent communication skills, knowing how to work in a team, having common sense, etc. However, we actually feel that should go without saying.

Oh, and we enjoy using Scrum very much. If you have experience with Scrum or (are curious about) the role of Scrum Master: fantastic!

What’s in it for you?

Here’s what you’d get out of this:

  • A great way to get your dev career started;
  • Competitive salary, pension, 25 days off;
  • Room for trainings, conferences, books, etc.;
  • A fun company to work at;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Anywhere between 32-40 hours.

About Summit

Summit helps its clients with everything around registration for events. This includes the actual registration forms (on- and offline), e-ticketing and barcodes, online dashboards with operational and analytics features, as well as logistics support.

Since 2010 we also provide technology that helps educational institutions attract high quality students. In our apps prospective students register for open days, download brochures and seminar attendance is registered. We offer our education customers insight and easy access to this information for marketing and communication purposes.

Summit has about 20 employees and is growing. This includes about 7.5 FTE for IT, of which about 3.5 FTE currently makes up the development team. We look to grow to about 5 – 6 FTE in the near future, and more beyond that.

We are an informal and (mostly) friendly bunch, and try to have some fun as well. Our company is located at walking distance from Utrecht CS, near the train museum. Feel free to e-mail r.klappe [at] summit [dot] nl if you have questions or want to drop by for a cup of coffee!