WANTED: Great Web Developer

We are looking to expand! If you meet the requirements below, then Summit may very well have a great job for you!

Solliciteer nu
  • a highly motivated full stack developer (possibly with either front- or back end preference)?
  • happy to hear that you’d now-and-then also get to work on a few non-web-related apps?
  • someone who is able to combine writing clean code with a pragmatic approach?

Skills & Requirements

You’ll be developing several apps mostly using technology from the Microsoft Stack (using the .NET framework) and you’ll be helping us to level-up our systems in terms of scalability, stability and ease-of-understanding. As such we’re slowly evolving an old-fashioned monolith into a domain-driven-design based event-sourcing system.

Skills & Requirements

Depending on whether you’re full-stack or have a preference for working on either side of the fence, you should have:
  • Front-end preference: an intimate relationship with javascript
  • Back-end preference: excellent c# and .net skills
At a more detailed level, at the moment we’re using:
  • Back-end: sql-server, nhibernate, wcf, asp.net-mvc, asp.net-web-api, express.js
  • Front-end: typescript, sass, cordova, electron
  • Toolchain: visual-studio, jenkins, powershell, mercurial (but git experience is equally fine)
  • And we’re actively looking into: chef, .net-core, aurelia, f# and fable

What’s in it for you?

However, we consider languages and frameworks to be just tools. If you’re confident in another tech-stack, we’ll be sure to get you up to speed. Of course you’d always be welcome to convince us to try something new!

Here’s what you’d get out of this:
  • You get to work with cool tech, and have a say in what that tech should be
  • Competitive salary, pension, 25 days off
  • A fun company to work at
  • Flexible working hours
  • Anywhere between 24-40 hours

About Summit

Summit helps its clients with everything around registration for events. This includes the actual registration forms (on- and offline), e-ticketing and barcodes, online dashboards with operational and analytics features, as well as logistics support.

Since 2010 we also provide technology that helps educational institutions attract high quality students. In our apps prospective students register for open days, download brochures and seminar attendance is registered. We offer our education customers insight and easy access to this information for marketing and communication purposes.

Summit has about 20 employees and is growing. This includes about 7 FTE for IT. We look to grow to about 9 – 10 FTE in the near future, and more beyond that.

We are an informal and (mostly) friendly bunch, and try to have some fun as well. Our company is located at walking distance from Utrecht CS, near the train museum. Feel free to e-mail h.kleinekorte [at] summit [dot] nl if you have questions or want to drop by for a cup of coffee!
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