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Frequently Asked Questions

What about AVG/GDPR regulations?

At Summit, you do not just collect personal data. You can also be sure that you're complying with European data protection regulations (known in the Netherlands as AVG, internationally as GDPR). We ensure that the protection of this data is legally, technically and organisationally in order. Read more about how we protect your data here (

Can I only use Summit on site?

Certainly! With Summit, you are not bound to purchase a fixed set of registration products or services. For example, Summit is regularly used in combination with an event registration tool such as Momice or Halito! for the on-site registration and issue of badges at the event location with Summit Host. Also, only our Summit Lead app can be used at trade fairs and conferences. Feel free to ask your question about using our services for your event.

Is Summit's Contact Moments Registration System an educational CRM?

Yes and no. Summit's Contact Moments Registration System is regularly compared to CRM applications and the functionalities of our system provide for this to a large extent. After all, in Summit we can store all contacts with prospective students in a single centralised and secure database and with Summit Dashboard, analyses and follow-up actions are easy to perform. However, large CRM applications such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce also offer more functionalities, such as keeping in touch with suppliers and creating quotations. Summit’s Contact Moments Registration System has been specifically developed to support marketing and communication staff in the recruitment of students in higher and secondary education.

How soon can I get started with Summit?

Of course, that depends on what your project looks like. If we can help you with the issue of badges at your event, it is nice if we can start preparations 3-4 weeks in advance. If we are going to establish contact with students at your educational institution, we will together make an inventory of which information activities are planned and ensure that the registration of the first activities is live as soon as possible. On average, we’ll be on the road within a month or so.

How big is the Summit Host and what are the dimensions of the badges printed by the Summit Host?

The Summit Host is 33 cm wide, 50 cm high and 42 cm deep. The badges that can be printed on site by the Summit Host resemble a bank card/credit card and have standard ISO dimensions: 85.59 mm x 53.97 mm x 0.76 mm with round corners. Prefer a different type of badge? No problem, with our on-site registration software Summit Desk, we are not dependent on specific hardware or badge types.

Does Summit value sustainability?

Of course we value sustainability! We think it's cool to integrate sustainability ideas into our registration practice. A good example: as a partner of MVO Nederland, we introduced a badge consisting of lime and polyethylene instead of PVC during the New Year conference of MVO Nederland with MediaPoint. The polyethylene can be separated from the lime, currently only in large quantities, but perhaps in the near future also on a smaller scale. In this way, we hope to achieve a completely environmentally friendly badge. Do you have some good sustainability suggestions for us? Then let us know!

Summit is partner of MVO Nederland

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