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Tailor-made solutions

You are looking for an up-to-date basic system for your event registration; one with all the functionalities of common event registration tools. Or you want such a system, but adapted to your specific needs. And maybe you even need something totally new. With us you'll find it all!


Choose what’s right for you

Basic system

Our basic system is modular. So you decide which modules it gets, we'll put them in for you. Allowing you to get started in no time at all. Which modules do we have on the shelf for you? For example, for registration, e-ticketing and online payment. But also for a helpdesk, creating reports and managing conference programmes.


Perhaps you want a module to be just that little bit different from how we offer it here as standard (off the shelf). That's no problem at all at Summit. Our technical consultants can effortlessly hone the modules or components for you. In this way, we attune your basic system to your wishes in no time at all: configuring your system takes relatively little time.


Summit is also a full-service software developer. We regularly release new components and modules. Self-conceived or compiled for customers. Do you want something in your registration system that we haven't developed yet? If so, we will gladly make that component or module for you. Fast, with the greatest care and with high quality - as you would expect from us.

Decide for yourself

At Summit, you’re not tied to anything. You can purchase a whole package, if you want. But also a single product or service. And do you already have a party for online registration, for example? If so, we can always help you with registration and scanning on site. You decide how we support you.

Smart savings

You want the optimal solution for your budget. We like to think along with you. Sometimes an entire new module is not necessary, but a smart configuration will suffice. And sometimes we’ve just developed a new feature for another customer that might be of use to you too!


How we handle your event..

We will be happy to discuss with you how we can organise the registration for your project as optimally as possible. With our familiar building blocks and within your budget.

Please feel free to get in touch with us

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We’d be happy to answer your questions. Send you a customised quotation. Or drop by for a live demonstration of our range.

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